I’m like an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room, it’s like, ‘Okay, he’s in there.’ —Courfeyrac, Book V
[Jensen and Jared] were both on stage together - not wanting to be left out of the fun, Misha snuck into the back of the auditorium, snagged a microphone and asked in a high pitched voice - “Is it hard to play brothers when you’re lovers in real life?”

Highest grossing franchise in domestic history. 

And she told herself that an intervention of the angels, a celestial chance, had given him back to her.


I have been watching Lord of the Rings since 6:30am. I don’t know what year it is. I have forgotten the taste of bread, the sound of trees, the softness of the wind. I’ve even forgotten my own name


Nobody puts baby in the corner by RazorBrown


Make Me Choose: anonymous asked Game of Thrones or Doctor Who?