I like Russell Crowe. I like that his first and last names are both sound effects that you’d hear in a graveyard on a foggy day in late autumn.


Blue Tops from SweetBox 

forgot how much you’ve fed me in the last day or so STILL i’m hurt and in pain and it’s all your doing

blame jetlagden not me i just think about it every second of every day

that moment should go down in history, how dare you do that to me then do this you were clearly just building up trust, the cookies were all a lie

what about the cereal, huh? WAS THAT A LIE TOO? 

how dare you do this to me then just leave me where’s the aftercare you’re a terrible dom fuck you

well i’m never hand feeding YOU cookies again

because i can so i will 

that girl you saw crying? she’s thinking about the fact george blagden played grantaire as being in love with enjolras BUT NEVER TOLD ANYBODY 


Dean #hobbitcon

Само совершенство